7th Session of the Meeting of the Parties (MOP7) to AEWA


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The 7th Session of the Meeting of the Parties (MOP7) to the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) took place on 4-8 December 2018 in Durban, South Africa, at the kind invitation of the South African Government, represented by the Department of Environmental Affairs.

The slogan for MOP7 was “Beyond 2020: Shaping flyway conservation for the future”, which reflects the continuation of the good practices established and lessons learned throughout the implementation of the AEWA Strategic Plan 2009-2018, in connection with delivery against the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

MOP7 was a cornerstone meeting for AEWA and the last time the Parties will meet before 2020, where they took stock of the results and outcomes from the 2009-2018 Strategic Plan. In addition, AEWA will be setting an ambitious path for the next decade by adopting a new Strategic Plan for 2019-2027.

The venue for the meeting was the Olive Convention Centre, located in the heart of the city of Durban and close to the city’s famous Golden Mile, in KwaZulu-Natal Province.

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UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res. 7.1 Adoption and Implementation of the AEWA Strategic Plan and Plan of Action for Africa for the Period of 2019-2027
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res. 7.2 AEWA's Contribution to Delivering the Aichi 2020 Biodiversity Targets and the Relevance of the Sustainable Development Goals
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res. 7.3 Adoption of Amendments to the AEWA Annexes
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res. 7.4 Adoption and Amendments of Definitions and Interpretation of Terms used in the Context of Table 1 of the AEWA Annex 3
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res. 7.5 Adoption, Revision, Retirement, Extension and Implementation of International Species Action and Management Plans
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res. 7.6 Priorities for the Conservation of Seabirds in the African-Eurasian Flyways
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res. 7.7 Strengthening Monitoring of Migratory Waterbirds
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res.7.8 Revision and Adoption of Conservation Guidance
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res.7.9 Climate Resilient Flyways
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res.7.10 Institutional Arrangements: Standing Committee
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res.7.11 Instutional Arrangements: Technical Committee
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res.7.12 Financial and Administrative Matters
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res.7.13 Date, Venue and Funding of the 8th Session of the Meeting of the Parties to AEWA
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7/Res.7.14 Tribute to the Organisers
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UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.1/Rev.2 Provisional List of Documents
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.2 Rules of Procedure for the Sessions of the Meeting of the Parties to the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.3 Provisional Agenda
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.4/Rev.2 Provisional Annotated Agenda and Meeting Schedule
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.5/Rev.1 Admission of Observers
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.6 Report of the Standing Committee
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.7/Rev.1 Report of the Technical Committee to the 7th Session of the Meeting of the Parties
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.8/Rev.1 Report of the Depositary
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.9 Report of the Secretariat
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.10 Report on the Implementation of the AEWA Strategic Plan 2009-2018
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.11 Report on the Implementation of the African Initiative and the Plan of Action for Africa 2012-2018
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.12 Analysis of the AEWA National Reports for the Triennium 2015-2017
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.13 Report on the Implementation of the AEWA Communication Strategy
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.14/Corr.1 - NOT INCLUDING ANNEXES 7th Edition of the Conservation Status Report (CSR7) - not including annexes
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.14/Corr.1 - INCLUDING ANNEXES 7th Edition of the Conservation Status Report (CSR7) - including annexes
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.14 - ANNEX 1 7th Edition of the Conservation Status Report (CSR7) - Annex 1
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.14 - ANNEX 2 7th Edition of the Conservation Status Report (CSR7) - Annex 2
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.14 - ANNEX 3 7th Edition of the Conservation Status Report (CSR7) - Annex 3
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.15 Draft AEWA Strategic Plan 2019-2027
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.16 Draft AEWA Plan of Action for Africa 2019-2027 - A Guide to the Implementation of the AEWA Strategic Plan 2019-2027 in the African Region
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.17 Draft Format for National Reports on the Implementation of AEWA 2018-2020
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.18/Rev.1 Implementation Review Process - Report to MOP7
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.19 Proposals to the 7th Session of the Meeting of the Parties for Amendments to Annexes 2 and 3 of AEWA
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.20 Proposal to Amend the Definition of Significant Long-Term Decline and Establish a Criterion on Short-Term Decline to Apply when Classifying Populations in Table 1 of Annex 3 of the Agreement
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.21 Summary of the Current Status of Single Species Action Plan and Species Management Plan Production and Coordination with Recommendations to MOP for Extension, Revision or Retirement
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.22 Draft Revised Format and Guidelines for AEWA International Single and Multi-species Action Plans
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.23 Draft International Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the Velvet Scoter (Melanitta fusca) - Western Siberia & Northern Europe/NW Europe Population
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.24 Draft Revised International Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the White-headed Duck (Oxyura leucocephala)
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.25 Draft International Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus)
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.26 Draft International Single Species Management Plan for the Barnacle Goose (Branta leucopsis)
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.27 Draft International Single Species Management Plan for the Greylag Goose (Anser anser) - NW/SW European Population
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.28 Report on Plastics and AEWA Waterbirds: Incidence and Impacts
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.29/Rev.1 Advice on AEWA Priorities for Seabird Conservation
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.30 Draft Guide to Guidance to Reduce the Impact of Fisheries on AEWA Seabird Species
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.31 Report on the Development of Waterbird Monitoring along the African-Eurasian Flyways
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.32 Draft Guidance on Satisfying the Conditions of Paragraph 2.1.3 of the AEWA Action Plan
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.33 Draft Guidance on AEWA's Provisions on Non-native species
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.34 Guidance on Taking a Systematic Approach to Responding to Waterbird Declines: A Checklist of Potential Actions
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.35 Draft Revised AEWA Conservation Guidelines on Waterbird Monitoring (AEWA Conservation Guidelines No.9)
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.36/Rev.2 Report of the Secretariat on Finance and Administrative Issues in 2016-2018
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.37/Rev.1 Draft Scale of Contributions for the Triennium 2019-2021
UNEP/AEWA/MOP7.38 Draft Budget Proposal for the Triennium 2019-2021
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Number Title Files
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Albania National Report of Albania (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Algeria National Report of Algeria (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Belgium National Report of Belgium (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Benin National Report of Benin (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Bulgaria National Report of Bulgaria (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Burundi National Report of Burundi (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Côte d‘Ivoire National Report of Côte d‘Ivoire (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Croatia National Report of Croatia (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Cyprus National Report of Cyprus (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Czech Republic National Report of Czech Republic (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Denmark National Report of Denmark (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Djibouti National Report of Djibouti (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Egypt National Report of Egypt (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Estonia National Report of Estonia (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Eswatini National Report of Eswatini (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Ethiopia National Report of Ethiopia (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Finland National Report of Finland (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/France National Report of France (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Georgia National Report of Georgia (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Germany National Report of Germany (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Ghana National Report of Ghana (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Guinea-Bissau National Report of Guinea-Bissau (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Hungary National Report of Hungary (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Israel National Report of Israel (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Italy National Report of Italy (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Kenya National Report of Kenya (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Latvia National Report of Latvia (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Lebanon National Report of Lebanon (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Libya National Report of Libya (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Luxembourg National Report of Luxembourg (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/FYR of Macedonia National Report of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Mali National Report of Mali (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Mauritius National Report of Mauritius (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Morocco National Report of Morocco (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Netherlands National Report of the Netherlands (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Niger National Report of Niger (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Norway National Report of Norway (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Portugal National Report of Portugal (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Republic of Moldova National Report of the Republic of Moldova (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Romania National Report of Romania (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Senegal National Report of Senegal (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Slovakia National Report of Slovakia (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Slovenia National Report of Slovenia (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/South Africa National Report of South Africa (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Spain National Report of Spain (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Sudan National Report of Sudan (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Sweden National Report of Sweden (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Switzerland National Report of Switzerland (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Syrian Arab Republic National Report of the Syrian Arab Republic (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Tunisia National Report of Tunisia (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Uganda National Report of Uganda (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Ukraine National Report of Ukraine (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/United Kingdom National Report of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (MOP7)
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/Zimbabwe National Report of Zimbabwe (MOP7)