AEWA Strategic Plan 2009 - 2017

The first Strategic Plan for AEWA was approved by the Parties to the Agreement at MOP4 in 2008. The Strategic Plan is intended to provide a coherent and strategic framework for implementation of the Agreement by its constituents: the Contracting Parties, its subsidiary bodies (the Standing Committee and the Technical Committee), its Secretariat and the partners to the Agreement.

Valid for the period 2009-2017*, the Plan sets a number of ambitious targets to achieve. Amongst these targets are zero extinction (no population shall become extinct within the Agreement area), reduced overall extinction risk as measured by the Red List Index and increased proportion of populations with stable or growing trends, etc. In order to achieve this, the Parties have agreed to implement a number of activities and meet certain indicators. The progress made with the implementation of the Strategic Plan will be monitored regularly, primarily via the National Reporting Format. 

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*The time span of the AEWA Strategic Plan was extended until 2018 by MOP6 through Resolution 6.14 and applies for the period 2009-2018.