The AEWA Implementation Review Process (IRP) was established by the Parties to the Agreement at their 4th Meeting (MOP4) in September 2008 through Resolution 4.6 in order to support the implementation of AEWA.
MOP4 also decided that the AEWA Standing Committee will undertake the IRP. The IRP will look at issues that have adverse effects or potential adverse effects on either migratory waterbirds or on their sites and habitats as a result of human activities.
The AEWA Technical Committee developed an information sheet on possible cases, which is meant to provide basic information for assessment by the Agreement’s governing bodies. All stakeholders can use this form to submit issues of concern with regard to sites important for migratory waterbirds, waterbird species/populations or any other issue, which in their opinion constitutes non-compliance with the provisions of AEWA, to the AEWA Secretariat.
  • IRP Information Sheet [WRD] [PDF]


AEWA IRP Mission Reports