Annual contributions from Contracting Parties

The General Trust Fund of AEWA receives its revenue from the mandatory annual contributions from the Parties to the Agreement, in accordance with Resolution 8.12. It covers the core administrative costs of the Secretariat (i.e. salaries, travel, office operation and maintenance) and part of the costs of the Meeting of the Parties and its subsidiary bodies, the Standing Committee and the Technical Committee. The General Trust Fund contains only very limited budget provisions for implementation purposes.

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Voluntary contributions from donors

Most of the AEWA projects and activities to implement the Agreement are financed through earmarked voluntary contributions from donors. They flow into a separate trust fund.


In-kind support

Also, in-kind support can, in principle, be provided by any government, organization or private institution hosting an AEWA meeting or providing a service, product or human resources for free, e.g. through the secondment of personnel.

AEWA in-kind contributions form

Call for funding

The Secretariat is urgently looking for funding for the below activities that have been prioritized for 2023/24. If you would like to contribute to the implementation of AEWA through financial and/or in-kind support, please contact the Secretariat at



Project Description Funding gap as at 1 July 2023
World Migratory Bird Day

World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) is an annual awareness-raising campaign highlighting the need for the protection of migratory birds and their habitats. On the second Saturday in May and October, people around the world take action and organise public events such as bird festivals, education programmes and birdwatching excursions to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day.

For the 2024 campaign funds are needed to develop and publish awareness raising materials (website, posters, stickers etc.) and to support local events.

35,000 EUR

Supporting the project on monitoring the spacial and temporal movements of Lesser Flamingos through setallite tagging of individuals in Senegal


Co-funding is needed to download the data from the four satellite tags that were purchased and installed under this running project in order to permit the monitoring of Lesser Flamingos. The requested amount could be used to download data for the duration of approximately one year. 3,418 EUR (incl. 13 % PSC)

Implementation of International Single-Species Action Plans (ISSPs) on the ground

Voluntary contributions are regularly needed to support the implementation of ISSAPs on the ground. Especially the ISSAPs for the Lesser Flamingo (for a planned total aerial survey to be conducted in collaboration with Wetlands International, amongst other activities), for the Grey-crowned Crane, Madagascar Pond-heron and for the White-winged Flufftail would benefit from funding next year. For details please contact the Secretariat.