Marmaronetta angustirostris

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Common names
EnglishMarbled Teal
FrenchMarmaronette marbrée
Scientific name Marmaronetta angustirostris
Population size and trend
Population Size interval Size quality Estimated population size Size reference Size notes
Trend interval Trend quality Trend Trend reference Trend notes
West Mediterranean/West Medit. & West Africa2001Expert opinion3,000-5,000 Dodman, T. 2002. Waterbird Population Estimates in [more]
1991-2001ReasonableFLUGreen, A.J. in litt. 2002.
East Mediterranean1980-1990Expert opinion1,000 Green, A.J. 1993. The status and conservation of t [more]
1980-1990PoorDEC Green, A.J. 1993. The status and conservation of t [more]
South-west Asia2010Expert opinion46,000-50,000 BirdLife International 2011 Miracle in the marshes [more]
1986-1996PoorDEC Scott, D.A. and Rose, P.M. 1996. Atlas of Anatidae [more]
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