North Macedonia

National Reports

Document Number Title CMS Instrument Publish date
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP3/Macedonia National Report of Macedonia AEWA 23.10.2003
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP4/Macedonia National Report of Macedonia FYR AEWA 15.09.2008
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP5/Macedonia National Report of Macedonia FYR AEWA 14.05.2012
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP7/FYR of Macedonia National Report of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (MOP7) AEWA 10.09.2018
UNEP/AEWA/Nat.Report/MOP8/North Macedonia National Report of North Macedonia (MOP8) AEWA 13.07.2022

Ratification status

CMS InstrumentStatusStatus dateNotes
Contracting Party

North Macedonia

Official nameThe Republic of North Macedonia
Entry into forceFebruary 2000

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