Phaethon aethereus

Assessment information
CMS InstrumentsAEWA
IUCN StatusLeast concern

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Common names
EnglishRed-billed Tropicbird
FrenchPhaéton à bec rouge
Scientific name Phaethon aethereus
Population size and trend
Population Size interval Size quality Estimated population size Size reference Size notes
Trend interval Trend quality Trend Trend reference Trend notes
South Atlantic2007Expert opinion1,750 Delany S, Dodman T, Scott D, Butchart S, Martakis [more]
2003PoorSTA Dodman, T. 2007. Population sizes and status of tr [more]
Persian Gulf, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea2002Expert opinion2,400 PERSGA/GEF. 2003. Status of Breeding Seabirds in t [more]
2002PoorSTA PERSGA/GEF. 2003. Status of Breeding Seabirds in t [more]
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