The AEWA Small Grants Fund is a source of financial support promoting AEWA  implementation in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

Since its launch in 2010, it has benefited both governmental and non-governmental organizations by funding a wide range of projects. Activities relate, for example, to the conservation of individual AEWA species and their habitats, the provision of optical and other technical equipment to support survey and monitoring of species and their habitats, training and awareness-raising for different target groups, and livelihood-related activities for the benefit of local communities. The AEWA Small Grants Fund has also contributed to  strengthening  the network of organizations concerned with the  implementation of AEWA at the national level.

So far, the Small Grants Fund has focused solely on the African region, in the framework of the African Initiative. Numerous projects in all five African subregions have received funding. Examples include a Lesser Flamingo conservation  project in Uganda as well as awareness-raising and capacity building activities in the Gambia focusing on the sustainable management of the Bijol Islands and their avifauna.

This AEWA scheme continues to depend largely on voluntary contributions from AEWA Parties, partners and other donors. The UNEP/AEWA Secretariat encourages and is grateful for all donations towards the Fund in order to sustain this scheme.

The AEWA Small Grants Fund (SGF) runs in parallel with the CMS Small Grants Programme (SGP), which facilitates the implementation of the convention at the grass-roots level, particularly in developing countries.


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