Uganda Wetland Maps will help to reduce poverty and boost economy

Photo: Sergey Dereliev (UNEP/AEWA Secretariat)Gland,
12 May 2009
- The World Resources Institute (WRI)
has produced a new report called “Mapping a Better
Future: How Spatial Analysis Can Benefit Wetlands and
Reduce Poverty in Uganda”, in collaboration with
Uganda’s Wetlands Management Department, the Uganda
Bureau of Statistics, and the International Livestock
Research Institute.

The maps that appear in this report demonstrate that
both poor and developed areas in Uganda have experienced
wetlands degradation, dispelling the myth that wetlands
loss only occurs in poorer areas. It also provides information
on how to reduce poverty through better management of
the country’s wetlands.

The report builds upon efforts undertaken
during the last 15 years by the Ugandan government to promote
sustainable wetland management. Both Uganda’s Poverty
Eradication Action Plan and the 10-year Wetlands Sector
Strategic Plan, launched in 2001, have emphasized the need
to balance poverty reduction and wetlands management. Between
1995 and 2005, the government spent US$2 million to develop
the National Wetlands Information System as an inventory
and tracking system of wetland use in Uganda – the
first of its kind in Africa. Simultaneously, the Uganda
Bureau of Statistics produced detailed maps showing poverty
levels across the country.

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