Norway publishes National Action Plan for the Lesser White-fronted Goose

/ Bonn, 27 October 2009
The Norwegian Ministry
of the Environment has launched the Norwegian National Action
Plan for the conservation of the globally threatened Lesser
White-fronted Goose (Anser erythropus). The goal
is to halt the decline of the Fennoscandian population which
breeds in northern Norway within the next five years and
in the long run, to increase the population to 1000 birds.

The action plan, which aims to combine
and coordinate efforts between different officials and stakeholders,
comes at a crucial time: only an estimated 15 – 20
breeding pairs still migrate to Norway each spring.

Implementation of the action plan will
be carried out by the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management
and foreseen activities include continued monitoring, conservation
of key sites, predation control in the breeding and roosting
areas and the possibility to establish a captive population
for future supplementation and/or reintroduction measures
(subject to an ongoing feasibility study).

It is, however, clear that the decline
of the Fennoscandian Lesser White-fronted Goose population
will not be halted by protecting the breeding and staging
areas in Norway alone. In addition to local and national
activities, the action plan specifically highlights the
need for conservation efforts along the entire flyway of
the species. The biggest threat to the Lesser White-fronted
Goose remains hunting and poaching along its eastern migratory
route crossing countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan.

To this end, Norway intends to continue
and strengthen its support of international conservation
efforts within the framework of AEWA, the AEWA Secretariat
and the International Single Species Action Plan for the
Lesser White-fronted Goose which was adopted last year.

At present only the action plan summary
is available in English, but an English translation is due
to be completed this winter. Hopefully the Norwegian action
plan can then serve as an example and inspiration for other
countries in the process of drafting corresponding national
plans for the protection of the Lesser White-fronted Goose.

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Or contact:

Mr. Jo Anders Auran, Advisor, Norwegian Directorate
for Nature Management


Ms. Nina Mikander,
Coordinator for the Lesser White-fronted Goose, AEWA Secretariat


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