Book launch: Living on the edge - Wetlands and birds in a changing Sahel

Book launch - Living on the edge
The world habitats are changing and the Sahel region is
no exception. Affected by climate change and other rapid
man-made habitat changes related to deforestation, irrigation
and reclamation of wetlands, the Sahel is changing its face.
For long-distance migratory birds, the Sahel is a very important
wintering area and the transformation of the region will
also have a strong influence on migratory bird populations
that depend on it.



Mr.  Bert Lenten during his speech“Living
on the edge” - a new informative book written by the
four international acclaimed biologists – Leo Zwarts,
Rob Bijlsma, Jan van der Kamp and Eddy Wymenga – deals
with the challenges birds have to cope with due to the changes
in the Sahel. It is a thoughtful synthesis of unpublished
information, combined with vivid descriptions of landscapes
and animals and contains a large number of drawings, maps
and photographs. It is a fascinating book for conservation
professionals and nature enthusiasts with an interest in
Africa, wetlands, migratory birds, and the ever-changing
global biosphere.



Mr Bert Lenten received a first copy  from  Dr Gerard Boere during the launch.The
launch of this new publication took place in the Netherlands
on 12 September 2009, where Dr. Gerard C. Boere (Honorary
Patron of AEWA) presented a first copy of the book to Mr.
Bert Lenten in his capacity as Executive Secretary of the
Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory
Waterbirds (AEWA) as well as Acting Deputy Executive Secretary
of the Convention on migratory species (CMS).



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