Zonation of Lake Natron Ramsar Site for the Conservation of the Lesser Flamingo (AEWA Small Grants Fund 2011)

The Lake Natron Basin is the only known breeding site for the 2.5 million East African Lesser Flamingoes. The already fragile, drought-prone and semi-desert environment faces increasing pressure due to growing human activities in both Kenya and Tanzania, including planned large-scale economic development projects (hydro-power generation, irrigation, soda mining and tourism).

The project aims to support on-going activities aimed at implementing the national Single Species Action Plan for the Lesser Flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor) and eventual zonation of the Lake Natron Ramsar Site and its surrounds to ensure its wise use, as well as contribute to the ongoing Integrated Management Planning process which will be incorporated in the District Development Plan of the two relevant districts governments, in accordance with the 2008 Ramsar Advisory Mission to this site. The project is to provide the knowledge basis for informed decision-making on the zonation for current and future local livelihood and economic investments, with the eventual creation of Wetland Reserve Areas (in accordance with the 2009 Wildlife Act) to protect the breeding grounds from developmental activities. Key activities include: a workshop to complete a draft Wetlands Inventory and Resources Assessment Guide; training workshops to develop capacity for conducting resources assessment, application of the Wetlands Reserves guidelines and sharing/validating of results with key stakeholders; development of legislation guidelines for designation of Wetlands Reserve Areas; processing of the Lake Natron Wetlands Reserve through Cabinet; development of CEPA materials (in Swahili) to raise awareness on the zonation plan, Wetland Reserve and Ramsar Site.

The Wildlife Division collaborates with local, national and international key stakeholders and partners such as the National Wetlands Working Group, Leicester University, the Ngorogoro and Longido District Facilitation Teams, Wildlife Conservation.

This project is funded in the framework of the AEWA Small Grants Fund (2011 cycle).

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Implementing AgencyWildlife Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania

Taxonomic groupBirds
Target regionAfrica
Target countryUnited Republic of Tanzania
Final technical reportNo

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