Threskiornis aethiopicus

Assessment information
CMS InstrumentsAEWA, CMS
IUCN StatusLeast concern
Country status
Countries Republic of Angola(Native) , Republic of Azerbaijan(Vagrant) , Kingdom of Bahrain(Introduced) , Republic of Benin(Native) , Republic of Botswana(Native) , Republic of Burundi(Native) , Republic of Cameroon(Native) , Central African Republic(Native) , Republic of Chad(Native) , Union of the Comoros(Native) , Côte d'Ivoire(Native) , Republic of Djibouti(Native) , Arab Republic of Egypt(Native) , Republic of Equatorial Guinea(Native) , State of Eritrea(Native) , Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia(Native) , French Republic(Introduced) , Gabonese Republic(Native) , Republic of The Gambia(Native) , Republic of Ghana(Native) , Republic of Guinea(Native) , Republic of Guinea-Bissau(Native) , Republic of Iraq(Native) , Republic of Kazakhstan(Vagrant) , Republic of Kenya(Native) , State of Kuwait(Vagrant) , Kingdom of Lesotho(Native) , Republic of Malawi(Native) , Republic of Mali(Native) , Islamic Republic of Mauritania(Native) , Republic of Mozambique(Native) , Republic of Namibia(Native) , Republic of Niger(Native) , Federal Republic of Nigeria(Native) , Sultanate of Oman(Vagrant) , Republic of Rwanda(Native) , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(Vagrant) , Republic of Senegal(Native) , Republic of Sierra Leone(Native) , Somali Republic(Native) , Republic of South Africa(Native) , Republic of the Sudan(Native) , Kingdom of Swaziland(Native) , Togolese Republic(Native) , Republic of Uganda(Native) , Republic of Yemen(Native) , Republic of Zambia(Native) , Republic of Zimbabwe(Native) , Democratic Republic of the Congo(Native) , Islamic Republic of Iran(Native) , United Republic of Tanzania(Native) , (Native)

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Common names
EnglishAfrican Sacred Ibis
FrenchIbis Sacré
Scientific name Threskiornis aethiopicus
Population size and trend
Population Size interval Size quality Estimated population size Size reference Size notes
Trend interval Trend quality Trend Trend reference Trend notes
Sub-Saharan Africa2001Expert opinion200,000-450,000 Dodman, T. 2002. Waterbird Population Estimates in [more]
1995-2005PoorSTA Unpublished information supplied by Wetlands Inter [more]
Iraq & Iran1987-1991Census based200 Perennou, C.P., Mundkur, T. and Scott, D.A. 1994. [more]
1987-1991PoorDEC Perennou, C.P., Mundkur, T. and Scott, D.A. 1994. [more]
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