Fresh Layout for AEWA Plan of Action for Africa

Bonn, 2 July 2020 - The UNEP/AEWA Secretariat is pleased to present the refreshed layout of the AEWA Plan of Action for Africa (PoAA) 2019-2027. The Plan was adopted through Resolution 7.1 at the 7th Session of the Meeting of the Parties in South Africa in December 2018. At the PoAA Working Group meeting (Senegal, October 2017), the African Contracting Parties made a request to the Secretariat to give the PoAA, once adopted, a user-friendly and vibrant layout in order to visually reflect the content of the plan. We hope that with its new look, the AEWA PoAA will be a useful tool for the wide range of stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Agreement.

Developed through a consultative process involving AEWA Contracting Parties and partners, the PoAA 2019-2027 is the operational guideline for implementation, in the African region, of the AEWA Strategic Plan 2019-2027. Following the structure of the latter, the PoAA indicates a number of concrete actions and processes for each of the Strategic Plan’s objectives and targets. These actions and processes are to be conducted under the leadership of the Contracting Parties (at the national level), and the UNEP/AEWA Secretariat and/or the bodies of the Agreement (at the international level), with the support of relevant partners. 

The PoAA places particular emphasis on enhancing national capacity for implementation. It also acknowledges the concerns and needs of local communities and the important role they play in waterbird conservation. Another focus of the PoAA is working with partners, including cross-sectoral collaboration at the national level as well as south-south and north-south collaboration at flyway level. Actions under the PoAA also seek to contribute to other multilateral conservation commitments such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the Aichi Targets, the Strategic Plan for Migratory Species and the Ramsar Strategic Plan.

The AEWA Executive Secretary, Dr Jacques Trouvilliez, warmly thanked all the African and other Parties, partner organizations and other stakeholders who have contributed to the development of the AEWA PoAA 2019-2027.

“The AEWA African Parties play a major role in putting the Plan of Action for Africa into practice. Ultimately, however, its successful implementation will depend on the commitment, proper coordination and investment of sustainable financial and human resources of all the various stakeholders involved”. 

For further information on the AEWA Plan of Action for Africa 2019-2027 please contact: 

Ms Evelyn Moloko
Coordinator for the AEWA African Initiative 

Last updated on 27 October 2020

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