2021/011: Adoption of Two Resolutions via Silence Procedure

The UNEP/AEWA Secretariat is pleased to inform you, in reference to Notification 2021/010, that Draft Resolution Ex.1 on the Adoption of Resolutions on organizational, administrative and financial matters during the COVID-19 pandemic and between regular sessions of the Meeting of the Parties to AEWA via a silence procedure is considered as adopted by the Contracting Parties with effect as of 16 October 2021. No objection by a National Focal Point has been received by the Chair of the Committee or the Secretariat within the set deadline.

In consequence, the Chair of the Standing Committee is now authorised to submit further Resolutions for adoption to all National Focal Points of AEWA via a written silence procedure. A detailed letter from the Chair of the Standing Committee on this matter is attached to this notification, as well as Draft Resolution on the postponement of MOP8 and Draft Resolution on Financial and Administrative matters (budget for 2022) for adoption, and the adopted Resolution Ex. 1 for your information. Both draft Resolutions have been approved by the Standing Committee at StC19 meeting.

The Secretariat would like to urge all National Focal Points to carefully consider the letter and its Annexes and to provide any comments or objections to the procedure described not later than 30 November 2021. Any objection should be directed through official letter or Note Verbale to both:

Mr. Simon Mackown, Chair of the Standing Committee: simon.mackown@defra.gov.uk and

Mr. Jacques Trouvilliez, Executive Secretary: aewa.secretariat@unep-aewa.org

The Secretariat wishes to point out that all Party contributions in the budget proposal for 2022 reflected in Draft Resolution Ex.3 have been maintained with the same amount as invoiced for the year 2021. The Secretariat and the Standing Committee hope that this budget proposal with zero increase for Parties will be acceptable for all National Focal Points.

It will be crucial for the further functioning of the Secretariat until MOP8 to have a budget in place for 2022 by the end of this year. As a consequence, it will not be possible to consider an extension to the above-mentioned deadline of 30 November. Resolutions Ex.2 and Ex.3 will be considered as adopted effective 1 December 2021 in the absence of any formal objection by Parties to AEWA.

For more details, please contact the AEWA Secretariat at aewa.secretariat@unep-aewa.org


Last updated on 18 October 2021