The AEWA Plan of Action for Africa (PoAA) is the operational guideline for the implementation of the AEWA Strategic Plan in the African region. The current PoAA, which covers the period 2019 to 2027, was developed through a consultative process involving AEWA Contracting Parties and partners and was adopted by the 7th Meeting of AEWA Parties in 2018. The PoAA 2019-2027 replaces the first PoAA, which covered the period of 2012-2019.  


The PoAA 2019-2027 follows the structure of the AEWA Strategic Plan. For each objective and target of the Strategic Plan, the PoAA indicates a number of concrete actions and processes to be conducted at the national and international level under the leadership of the parties or the agreement secretariat and/or the bodies of the agreement, with the support of relevant partners.  


The PoAA 2019-2027 places particular emphasis on enhanced national capacity for the implementation of AEWA in Africa. It also acknowledges the concerns and needs of local communities and the important role they play in waterbird conservation. Local communities should therefore be fully involved in various projects on the conservation and sustainable use of waterbirds and their habitats. Another focus of the PoAA is on collaboration with partners, including cross-sectoral cooperation at the national level as well as south-south and north-south collaboration at flyway level. Also, actions under the PoAA seek to contribute to other multilateral conservation commitments such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the Aichi Targets, the Strategic Plan for Migratory Species and the Ramsar Strategic Plan.