Country Diary: how many Bewick's swans will fly in this January?

The international swan census takes place this weekend, but so far I’ve only counted three wintering birds

06 January 2020

Chasseurs et écologistes s’affrontent sur les nouveaux quotas de chasse

Alors que la France est le pays d’Europe qui autorise la chasse du plus grand nombre d’espèces, le nouvel établissement public qui doit mettre en place la « gestion adaptative » cynégétique est en

04 January 2020

Killer Slime, Dead Birds, an Expunged Map: The Dirty Secrets of European Farm Subsidies - The New York Times

In the spring of 2017, a European Union working group of environmentalists, academics and lobbyists was having a technical discussion on green farming practices when a map appeared on an overhead s

27 December 2019

Country diary: this elegant wader has become a local celebrity

Few spotted redshanks overwinter in Britain, so this bird has attracted a lot of attention

06 December 2019

Puffins make poor diet choices when the chips are down

A new study has shown that Britain's puffins may struggle to adapt to changes in their North Sea feeding grounds and researchers are calling for better use of marine protection areas (MPAs) to help

04 November 2019

Habitat loss pushes wildlife to brink

More than two fifths of species, including mammals, birds and butterflies, have declined significantly in Britain in the past 50 years because of damage to their habitat, according to a wide-rangin

04 October 2019

España paraliza cautelarmente la recogida nocturna de aceituna para investigar el riesgo sobre las aves

El ministerio de Agricultura ha pactado con las CCAA una suspensión cautelar de la recogida nocturna de aceituna en olivar en seto, una práctica que podría estar incrementando la mortalidad de las

03 October 2019

Country diary: a quiet morning gives way to noise and commotion

Loch of Strathbeg, Aberdeenshire: As the rain subsides, roosting ducks are joined by thousands of wintering geese

01 October 2019

Dead Bird Nests Contain 36 Different Pesticides, Including DDT

In Brussels and Florence, people began to express concern over the rising finds of dead newborn birds (tits) in their nests.

16 September 2019