Malawi – Party No 80 - AEWA

The Republic of Malawi is acceding to AEWA becoming the 80th Party on 1 September. It is at the same time joining the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS). Malawi, capital Lilongwe, is a landlocked country of Southern Africa with a population of 18 million people and an area of 118, 484 km2. It has borders with Zambia and the United Republic of Tanzania to the north and with Mozambique to the south. The Great Rift Valley runs through the country, which also has shores on the west side of Lake Malawi (also known as Lake Nyasa).

28 August 2019

Further Progress Made in Planning Conservation Action for the Grey Crowned-crane

The AEWA International Working Group for the Grey Crowned-crane (GCC IWG) met for the first time in Entebbe, Uganda from 24 to 26 July. After intensive discussions, considerable progress was made in drawing up a concrete implementation plan covering the period to 2022, with specific national activities complementing wider regional and international tasks.

02 August 2019

1st Meeting of the AEWA Grey Crowned-crane International Working Group Convenes in Entebbe

The International Working Group for the Grey Crowned-crane is meeting for the first time from 24 to 26 July following the adoption of the associated International Single Species Action Plan at AEWA MOP6 in 2015. The primary aim of the meeting is to operationalize the Action Plan by agreeing implementation priorities for the Range States both individually and collectively at a supranational level. Initial focus will concentrate on the next three and half years covering the period 2019-2022. Encouragingly, most of the principal Range States are registered to participate.

19 July 2019

Formation des formateurs sur la conservation des voies de migration

Un atelier de formation des formateurs (FdF) de l’AEWA portant sur l’approche « voies de migration » pour la conservation et l’utilisation rationnelle des oiseaux d’eau et des zones humides a eu lieu du 6 au 10 mai 2019 au Bénin. L’atelier a été organisé conjointement par le Secrétariat PNUE/AEWA et la Direction Générale des Eaux, Forêts et Chasse (DGEFC) du Bénin, en coopération avec le Secrétariat de Ramsar et l'Initiative Voie de migration de la mer des Wadden (WSFI). Cet atelier a été rendu possible grâce au généreux soutien financier et en nature fourni par le gouvernement du Bénin, par l’Accord de coopération stratégique (SCA) entre la Commission européenne et l’ONU Environnement, dans le cadre du Programme concernant les biens publics mondiaux et les défis qui les accompagnent (GPGC), et par la WSFI.

21 June 2019

Poisoned vulture carcasses found in Zululand

Durban - Vulture poisoning has come to the fore as more than

11 June 2019

La Méditerranée noyée par le plastique

Dans un rapport, le WWF montre que la France n’est pas si exemplaire, notam

06 June 2019

From Mythical Creature to Endangered Species: The Egyptian Vulture

The Egyptian vulture, a bird species bearing much cultural significance in both ancient Egyptian and Greek mythology, is drastically declining in population due to various human-caused threats.

21 May 2019