15th Meeting of the AEWA Standing Committee



11 Dec 2019 to 13 Dec 2019
OrganisateurUNEP/AEWA Secretariat
CMS InstrumentAEWA
PaysUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Number Title Files
AEWA/StC15.1/Rev.4 Provisional List of Documents
AEWA/StC 15.2 Rev. 1 Provisional Agenda
AEWA/StC15.3/Rev.2 Provisional Annotated Agenda and Work Programme
AEWA/StC15.4 Report of the Depositary 2019
AEWA/StC 15.5 Report of the UNEP/AEWA Secretariat
AEWA/StC 15.6 Draft Revised Format for National Reports on the Implementation of AEWA 2018-2020
AEWA/StC 15.7 AEWA Technical Committee Recommendations for the Delineation of Selected AEWA Populations on Table 1 of the Action Plan
AEWA/StC15.8/Rev.2 Report of the Secretariat on Finance and Administrative Issues
AEWA/StC15.9/Rev.1 AEWA Scale of Contritbutions for 2022-2024
AEWA/StC15.10 Concept Note for Assessing the Impact of a 4-Year Cycle for the Meeting of the Parties
AEWA/StC15.11 Report on the Implementation of the AEWA African Initiative and AEWA Plan of Action for Africa
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Number Title Files
AEWA/StC Inf.15.1 Rules of Procedure of the AEWA Standing Committee
AEWA/StC Inf.15.2/Rev.1 Guidelines for Reports submitted by the Regional Representatives to the AEWA Standing Committee to Meetings of the Committee
AEWA/StC Inf.15.3 Report of the 14th Meeting of the AEWA Standing Committee
AEWA/StC Inf.15.4 UNEP Information Note for StC15 on the Sessions of the United Nations Environment Assembly
AEWA/StC Inf.15.5 Implementation Review Process – Report to MOP7
AEWA/ StC Inf. 15.6/Rev.3 Provisional Participant List
AEWA/StC Inf.15.7 General Information for Meeting Participants
AEWA/StC Inf.15.8 Regional Report for the Western and Central Africa Region
AEWA/StC Inf.15.9 Report on Activities Relating to the Implementation of AEWA for the Europe and Central Asia Region
AEWA/StC Inf.15.10 Regional Report for the Northern Africa & Middle East Region
AEWA/StC Inf.15.11 Regional Report for the Eastern and Southern Africa Region