12th Meeting of the AEWA Technical Committee

The location on the map is approximate!
03 Mar 2015 to 06 Mar 2015 08:15
OrganisateurUNEP/AEWA Secretariat
CMS InstrumentAEWA
VenueUN Campus (Lange Eugen)

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General Information For Visa Applicants
Additional Visa Information
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.1 Technical Committee Work Plan 2012-2015
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.2 Modus Operandi of the Technical Committee of the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.3 Revised Guidance for Reports by the Technical Committee Regional Representatives to the Meetings of the AEWA Technical Committee
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.4 Plan of Action to Address Bird Trapping along the Mediterranean Coasts of Egypt and Libya
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.5 Communication from the AEWA Technical Committee to the CMS Scientific Council Intersessional Working Group on Bird Taxonomy and Nomenclature
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.6 UNEP/CMS Resolution 11.2 - Strategic Plan for Migratory Species 2015-2023
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.7 UNEP/CMS Resolution 11.4 - Programme of Work on Migratory Birds and Flyways
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.8 UNEP/CMS Resolution 11.15 - Preventing Poisoning of Migratory Birds
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.9 UNEP/CMS Resolution 11.16 - The Prevention of Illegal Killing, Taking and Trade of Migratory Birds
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.10 UNEP/CMS Resolution 11.9 - Taxonomy and Nomenclature of Birds LIsted on the CMS Appendices
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.11 UNEP/CMS Resolution 11.25 - Advancing Ecological Networks to Address the Needs of Migratory Species
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.12 UNEP/CMS Resolution 11.26 - Programme of Work on Climate Change and Migratory Species
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.13 UNEP/CMS Resolution 11.27 - Renewable Energy and Migratory Species
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf. 12.14 UNEP/CMS Resolution 11.31 - Fighting Wildlife Crime and Offences within and Beyond Borders
UNEP/AEWA/TC Inf.12.16 Information for Participants