The Wader Atlas - pre-publication offer now available

The Wader Atlas - An Atlas of Wader Populations in Africa and Western EurasiaWetlands
International has announced a pre-publication special offer
for the "The Wader Atlas - An Atlas of Wader Populations
in Africa and Western Eurasia" scheduled for release
in early May this year. The pre-publication price is GBP
50 - the Atlas is available at this price until 8 May 2009.
(After this date the standard price for this Atlas will
be GBP 70).

This milestone publication, co-sponsored by AEWA, is
a compilation of current knowledge of the numbers, distribution
and movements of one of the most remarkable groups of
birds in the region covered by the African-Eurasian Migratory
Waterbird Agreement (AEWA).

Long-term waterbird count data have been combined with
an extensive literature review, especially published results
of bird ringing and national bird atlases, to produce
maps showing the population boundaries that are used as
a basis for the conservation of these species.

The maps in this groundbreaking Atlas are supported by
informative species accounts that highlight the movements,
population status and conservation of waders in the AEWA
region. The Atlas brings together all the essential information
needed to act as a basis for the conservation of wader
species in the African-West Eurasian region.

The Atlas includes 90 species accounts, each including
full-colour maps showing populations and key sites as
well as in-depth text describing the movements and status
of each population. In addition, the book contains many
colour photographs and detailed tables with information
on 876 key sites in 85 countries within the African-Eurasian

The information presented in the Atlas will be of use
and interest to anyone involved in the conservation or
study of wetlands and waterbirds. In particular, it will
provide Parties to international treaties such as AEWA,
the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS)
and the Ramsar
Convention on Wetlands
with a basis for the
conservation of waders and the sites and habitats necessary
for their survival. In addition, the Atlas will be useful
for other nature conservation practitioners such as nature
reserve wardens, and of interest to birdwatchers and those
who spend time in the places graced by these wonderful

Further information:

- Wetlands International Announcement: The
Wader Atlas - An Atlas of Wader Populations in Africa
and Western Eurasia

- Pre-publication offer available with £ 20 discount
from 1 March until 8 May 2009 from NHBS

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