11th Meeting of the AEWA Technical Committee

The location on the map is approximate!
27 Aug 2012 to 30 Aug 2012
OrganisateurUNEP/AEWA Secretariat
CMS InstrumentAEWA

25e Anniversaire de l'AEWA

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Number Title Files
UNEP/AEWA/TC11.1Rev.1 Provisional List of Documents
UNEP/AEWA/TC11.2 Modus Operandi of the Technical Committee of the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds
UNEP/AEWA/TC11.3 Provisional Annotated Agenda
UNEP/AEWA/TC11.4 Provisional Work Programme
UNEP/AEWA/TC11.5 Revised Guidance for Reports by the Technical Committee Regional Representatives to the Meetings of the AEWA Technical Committee
UNEP/AEWA/TC11.6 Report of the Secretariat
UNEP/AEWA/TC11.7 Revision of the Priority List adopted by MOP4 of Waterbird Populations for which to Develop SSAPs
UNEP/AEWA/TC11.8Corr.1 AEWA International Species Expert Groups: Draft Terms of Reference
UNEP/AEWA/TC11.9 AEWA Technical Committee Work Plan 2012-2015