Tadorna cana

Assessment information
CMS InstrumentsAEWA, CMS
IUCN StatusLeast concern
Country status
Countries Republic of Botswana(Native) , Kingdom of Lesotho(Native) , Republic of Namibia(Native) , Republic of South Africa(Native)

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Common names
EnglishSouth African Shelduck
FrenchTadorne à tête grise
Scientific name Tadorna cana
Population size and trend
Population Size interval Size quality Estimated population size Size reference Size notes
Trend interval Trend quality Trend Trend reference Trend notes
Southern Africa1996Census based50,000 Harrison, J.A., Allan, D.G., Underhill, L.G., Herr [more]
1997-2007PoorDEC Wetlands Intrenational 2011. Results of trend anal [more]
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