Platalea leucorodia

Assessment information
CMS InstrumentsAEWA, CMS
IUCN StatusLeast concern
Country status
Countries Republic of Albania(Native) , People's Democratic Republic of Algeria(Native) , Republic of Armenia(Native) , Republic of Austria(Native) , Republic of Azerbaijan(Native) , Kingdom of Bahrain(Native) , Republic of Belarus(Vagrant) , Kingdom of Belgium(Native) , Bosnia and Herzegovina(Native) , Republic of Bulgaria(Native) , Republic of Cameroon(Vagrant) , Republic of Cabo Verde(Native) , Republic of Chad(Native) , Republic of Croatia(Native) , Republic of Cyprus(Native) , Kingdom of Denmark(Native) , Republic of Djibouti(Native) , Arab Republic of Egypt(Native) , State of Eritrea(Native) , Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia(Native) , Republic of Finland(Vagrant) , French Republic(Native) , Republic of The Gambia(Native) , Federal Republic of Germany(Native) , Hellenic Republic(Native) , Republic of Guinea-Bissau(Native) , Hungary(Native) , Republic of Iceland(Vagrant) , Republic of Iraq(Native) , Ireland(Vagrant) , State of Israel(Native) , Italian Republic(Native) , Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan(Native) , Republic of Kazakhstan(Native) , Republic of Kenya(Native) , State of Kuwait(Native) , Republic of Latvia(Vagrant) , Lebanese Republic(Native) , State of Libya(Native) , Grand Duchy of Luxembourg(Vagrant) , Republic of Mali(Native) , Republic of Malta(Native) , Islamic Republic of Mauritania(Native) , Montenegro(Native) , Kingdom of Morocco(Native) , Kingdom of the Netherlands(Native) , Republic of Niger(Vagrant) , Federal Republic of Nigeria(Vagrant) , Kingdom of Norway(Vagrant) , Sultanate of Oman(Native) , Republic of Poland(Vagrant) , Portuguese Republic(Native) , State of Qatar(Native) , Romania(Native) , Russian Federation(Native) , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(Native) , Republic of Senegal(Native) , Republic of Serbia(Native) , Slovak Republic(Native) , Republic of Slovenia(Native) , Somali Republic(Native) , Kingdom of Spain(Native) , Republic of the Sudan(Native) , Kingdom of Sweden(Vagrant) , Swiss Confederation(Native) , Syrian Arab Republic(Native) , Republic of Tunisia(Native) , Republic of Türkiye(Native) , Turkmenistan(Native) , Republic of Uganda(Vagrant) , Ukraine(Native) , United Arab Emirates(Native) , Republic of Uzbekistan(Native) , Republic of Yemen(Native) , Democratic Republic of the Congo(Vagrant) , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland(Native) , Islamic Republic of Iran(Native) , Republic of Moldova(Native) , The Republic of North Macedonia(Native) , (Vagrant)

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Common names
EnglishEurasian Spoonbill
FrenchSpatule blanche
Scientific name Platalea leucorodia
Population size and trend
Population Size interval Size quality Estimated population size Size reference Size notes
Trend interval Trend quality Trend Trend reference Trend notes
West Europe/West Mediterranean & West Africa2001Census based11,300 Overdijk, O. & Zwarts, F. 2002 (in prep). Procee [more]
1996-2006ReasonableINC BirdLife International (2004). Birds in Europe, po [more]
Cent. & SE Europe/Mediterranean & Tropical Africa2001Census based11,670 Overdijk, O. & Zwarts, F. 2002 (in prep). Procee [more]
1996-2006ReasonableDEC BirdLife International (2004). Birds in Europe, po [more]
Red Sea & Somalia1999Expert opinion1,500-2,250 PERSGA/GEF. 2003. Status of Breeding Seabirds in t [more]
1989-1999PoorDEC PERSGA/GEF. 2003. Status of Breeding Seabirds in t [more]
Coastal West Africa (Mauritania)2001Expert opinion6,000-7,000 Overdijk, O. & Zwarts, F. 2002 (in prep). Procee [more]
1992-2002PoorSTA Overdijk, O. & Zwarts, F. 2002 (in prep). Procee [more]
Western Asia/South-west & South Asia2005Best guess23,000Balachandran, S., in litt. 2005.
1997-2007No ideaUNK Wetlands Intrenational 2011. Results of trend anal [more]

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