Phalacrocorax nigrogularis

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Common names
EnglishSocotra Cormorant
FrenchCormoran de Socotra
Scientific name Phalacrocorax nigrogularis
Population size and trend
Population Size interval Size quality Estimated population size Size reference Size notes
Trend interval Trend quality Trend Trend reference Trend notes
Arabian Coast2005Expert opinion270,000 Jennings, M.C. in prep. Atlas of Breeding Birds of [more]
1960-2000PoorDEC BirdLife International. (2000). Threatened Birds o [more]
Gulf of Aden, Socotra, Arabian Sea2000Expert opinion60,000 Jennings, M.C. 2003. ABBA Survey 31: Bir Ali and R [more]
1990-2000PoorSTA/INC Dodman, T. In review, 2006. Status, estimates and [more]
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