Wind turbines posing a threat to birds: study

Although wind is a green source of renewable energy, a new study has revealed that wind turbines are posing a threat to lives of birds in their vicinity

27 May 2019

Migration route of secretive Steppe Whimbrel discovered

The Steppe Whimbrel is the rarest and least understood member of the highly threatened Numeniini tribe (curlews and godwits).

29 April 2019

Macron et Xi pour un « sursaut mondial face à l’érosion de la biodiversité »

Xi Jinping et Emmanuel Macron ont promis mardi d’agir « conjointement pour un sursaut mondial face à l’érosion de la biodiversité », alors que la Chine va accueillir en 2020 une conférence de l’Onu

26 March 2019

Endangered duck species spotted in Inner Mongolia

An endangered and rare duck species has been spotted in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, local authorities said Tuesday.

19 March 2019

Observadores de Europa, Asia y África contabilizarán las aves acuáticas en 12.000 humedales este fin de semana

El 12 y 13 de enero se celebra el Censo Internacional de Aves Acuáticos, durante el cual aficionados a la observación de aves de 120 países de Europa, Asia y África visitarán unos

11 January 2019

Ground-breaking Flyways Summit Held in Abu Dhabi

A four-day summit concluded in Abu Dhabi on 26 April, at which many of the key players in global bird conservation participated representing NGOs, the scientific community, governments and the CMS Family. The main item under discussion was how migratory birds can be better protected at every point of their arduous journeys along the flyways.

04 May 2018

Iran : les braconniers créent des lacs entiers pour braconner des millions d’oiseaux

C’est un labyrinthe de filets dans lequel sont coincés dans centaines d’oiseaux, prêts à être abattus par leurs braconniers.

23 March 2018

One million birds killed illegally every year at a wildlife site in Iran

Conservationists sound alarm over unprecedented slaughter of rare and endangered species by hunters at three lagoons

25 February 2018

New Report on Motivations for Illegal and Accidental Killing of Lesser White-fronted Geese in Kazakhstan

The AEWA Lesser White-fronted Goose Working Group is pleased to announce the completion of a new report which features the outcomes of a project carried out by Stirling University in cooperation with the Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Kazakhstan (ACBK) during September-October 2017 in northern Kazakhstan. The aim was to assess the motivations for hunting geese - including the illegal killing/accidental shooting of Lesser White-fronted Geese - in the local communities adjacent to key staging sites.

19 January 2018