New Study: Most African Wetlands Used by Migratory Birds to be Degraded by Climate Change

As much as 87% of the Critical Sites in Africa are predicted to become less suitable for waterbirds by 2050 because of the impact of climate change. These are the findings of a new study by a group of international experts published in Global Change Biology. The research – coordinated by Wetlands International – was supported by the African-Eurasian Waterbirds Agreement (AEWA) and funded by the International Climate Initiative (ICI) of Germany.

25 November 2021

Rid migratory birds’ flyways of hazards

Around the world, migratory birds provide immeasurable value to the environmen

12 October 2020

Die verlorenen Flamingos kehren zurück

Der Nakuru-Nationalpark in Kenia war berühmt für seine riesigen Flamingo-Schwä

03 September 2020

Migratory birds under threat as their super highways blocked

Kenya’s Rift Valley is part of critical flight path known as Afro-Eurasian flyway that connects migratory birds flying from Africa, Europe and through to Asia.

26 August 2020

Fresh Layout for AEWA Plan of Action for Africa

The UNEP/AEWA Secretariat is pleased to present the refreshed layout of the AEWA Plan of Action for Africa (PoAA) 2019-2027. The Plan was adopted through Resolution 7.1 at the 7th Session of the Meeting of the Parties in South Africa in December 2018. At the PoAA Working Group meeting (Senegal, October 2017), the African Contracting Parties made a request to the Secretariat to give the PoAA, once adopted, a user-friendly and vibrant layout in order to visually reflect the content of the plan. We hope that with its new look, the AEWA PoAA will be a useful tool for the wide range of stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Agreement.

02 July 2020

Madagascar : les oiseaux d’une oasis de la capitale menacés par la pollution

À 4 kilomètres (2,5 miles) du centre-ville d’Antananarivo, le parc de Tsarasaotra a toujours été un havre de paix dans la capitale.

26 May 2020