The WetCap Steering Committee meets for the first time

Photo: Sergey Dereliev (UNEP/AEWA) : The WetCap Steering Committee mets for the 1st time in Bonn.Bonn,
25 August 2009
– The first Steering Committee
Meeting of the project on “Strengthening waterbird
and wetland conservation capacities in North Africa (WetCap)”
took place in Bonn, Germany at the UN Campus. The Steering
Committee Meeting provided a first-time opportunity to assemble
representatives of the core partner organizations involved
in the technical and administrative delivery of the project
to discuss the work plan for the first year of implementation.
The meeting was attended by representatives of AEWA, BirdLife
International, the Spanish BirdLife partner SEO and Wetlands
International. The role of the Steering Committee is to
guide and oversee the project’s technical progress
and performance.

The 3-year WetCap project, which was launched in March
2009, is closely linked to the Wings over Wetlands UNEP-GEF
African-Eurasian Flyway Project (WOW)

with a focus on North Africa. This 1.6 million euro project
aims to strengthen the capacities for waterbird and wetland
conservation of all the important stakeholders as well
as to build knowledge and provide better access to information
on the critical network of sites required by migratory
waterbirds in the region. In addition it provides a small
grants fund to support local waterbird and wetland conservation

Funded by the Spanish agency for international
development cooperation, AECID,
the WetCap project was developed and is being managed
by the AEWA Secretariat in close cooperation with BirdLife/SEO
who is providing the regional coordination of project

For more information on the WetCap project
please contact:

Regional Coordinator: Mr. Sidi Imad Cherkaoui,

AEWA Secretariat: Ms. Catherine Lehmann,

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