Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) © Sergey Dereliev, www.dereliev-photography.com


AEWA covers 255 species of birds ecologically dependent on wetlands for at least part of their annual cycle, including many species of divers, grebes, pelicans, cormorants, herons, storks, rails, ibises, spoonbills, flamingos, ducks, swans, geese, cranes, waders, gulls, terns, tropic birds, auks, frigate birds and even the south African penguin.

All AEWA species cross international boundaries during their migrations and require good quality habitat for breeding as well as a network of suitable sites to support their annual journeys. International cooperation across their entire migratory range, as provided by AEWA, is therefore essential for the conservation and management of migratory waterbird populations and the habitats on which they depend.

Family: Scolopacidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Common Sandpiper Chevalier guignette Actitis hypoleucos Scolopacidae AEWA
Ruddy Turnstone Tournepierre à collier Arenaria interpres Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Sanderling Bécasseau sanderling Calidris alba Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Dunlin Bécasseau variable Calidris alpina Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Red Knot Bécasseau maubèche Calidris canutus Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Broad-billed Sandpiper Bécasseau falcinelle Calidris falcinellus Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Curlew Sandpiper Bécasseau cocorli Calidris ferruginea Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Purple Sandpiper Bécasseau violet Calidris maritima Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Little Stint Bécasseau minute Calidris minuta Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Ruff Combattant varié Calidris pugnax Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Temminck's Stint Bécasseau de Temminck Calidris temminckii Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Great Knot Bécasseau de l’Anadyr Calidris tenuirostris Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Common Snipe Bécassine des marais Gallinago gallinago Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Great Snipe Bécassine double Gallinago media Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Pintail Snipe Béca ssine à queue pointue Gallinago stenura Scolopacidae AEWA
Bar-Tailed Godwit Barge rousse Limosa lapponica Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Black-tailed Godwit Barge à queue noire Limosa limosa Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Jack Snipe Bécassine sourde Lymnocryptes minimus Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Eurasian Curlew Courlis cendré Numenius arquata Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Whimbrel Courlis corlieu Numenius phaeopus Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Slender-billed Curlew Courlis à bec grêle Numenius tenuirostris Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Red Phalarope Phalarope à bec large Phalaropus fulicarius Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Red-necked Phalarope Phalarope à bec étroit Phalaropus lobatus Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Eurasian Woodcock Bécasse des bois Scolopax rusticola Scolopacidae AEWA
Spotted Redshank Chevalier arlequin Tringa erythropus Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Wood Sandpiper Chevalier sylvain Tringa glareola Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Common Greenshank Chevalier aboyeur Tringa nebularia Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Green Sandpiper Chevalier cul - blanc Tringa ochropus Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Marsh Sandpiper Chevalier stagnatile Tringa stagnatilis Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Common Redshank Chevalier gambette Tringa totanus Scolopacidae AEWA , CMS
Terek Sandpiper Chevalier bargette Xenus cinereus Scolopacidae AEWA
Family: Alcidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Razorbill Petit Pingouin Alca torda Alcidae AEWA
Little Auk Mergule nain Alle alle Alcidae AEWA
Black Guillemot Guillemot à miroir Cepphus grylle Alcidae AEWA
Atlantic Puffin Macareux moine Fratercula arctica Alcidae AEWA
Common Murre Guillemot marmette Uria aalge Alcidae AEWA
Thick-billed Murre Guillemot de Brünnich Uria lomvia Alcidae AEWA
Family: Anatidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Egyptian Goose Ouette d'Égypte Alopochen aegyptiaca Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Northern Pintail Canard Pilet Anas acuta Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Cape Teal Canard du Cap Anas capensis Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Common Teal Sarcelle d'hiver Anas crecca Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Red-billed Teal Canard à bec rouge Anas erythrorhyncha Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Mallard Canard colvert Anas platyrhynchos Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Yellow-billed Duck Canar à bec jaune Anas undulata Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Greater White-fronted Goose Oie rieuse Anser albifrons Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Greylag Goose Oie cendrée Anser anser Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Pink-footed Goose Oie à bec court Anser brachyrhynchus Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Lesser White-fronted Goose Oie naine Anser erythropus Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Bean Goose Oie des moissons Anser fabalis Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Common Pochard Fuligule milouin Aythya ferina Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Tufted Duck Fuligule morillon Aythya fuligula Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Greater Scaup Fuligule milouinan Aythya marila Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Ferruginous Duck Fuligule nyroca Aythya nyroca Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Brent Goose Bernache cravant Branta bernicla Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Barnacle Goose Bernache nonnette Branta leucopsis Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Red-Breasted Goose Bernache à cou roux Branta ruficollis Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Common Goldeneye Garrot à oeil d'or Bucephala clangula Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Long-tailed Duck Harelde kakawi Clangula hyemalis Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Tundra Swan Cygne siffleur Cygnus columbianus Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Whooper Swan Cygne chanteur Cygnus cygnus Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Mute Swan Cygne tuberculé Cygnus olor Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Fulvous Whistling-Duck Dendrocygne fauve Dendrocygna bicolor Anatidae AEWA , CMS
White-Faced Whistling-Duck Dendrocygne veuf Dendrocygna viduata Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Eurasian Wigeon Canard siffleur Mareca penelope Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Gadwall Canard chipeau Mareca strepera Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Marbled Teal Marmaronette marbrée Marmaronetta angustirostris Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Velvet Scoter Macreuse brune Melanitta fusca Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Common Scoter Macreuse noire Melanitta nigra Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Smew Harle piette Mergellus albellus Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Goosander Grand Harle Mergus merganser Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Red-breasted Merganser Harle huppé Mergus serrator Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Southern Pochard Nette brune Netta erythrophthalma Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Red-crested Pochard Nette rousse Netta rufina Anatidae AEWA , CMS
African Pygmy-goose Anserelle naine Nettapus auritus Anatidae AEWA , CMS
White-Headed Duck Érismature à tête blanche Oxyura leucocephala Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Maccoa Duck Érismature maccoa Oxyura maccoa Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Spur-winged Goose Oie-armée de Gambie Plectropterus gambensis Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Steller's Eider Eider de Steller Polysticta stelleri Anatidae AEWA , CMS
African Comb Duck Canard à bosse Sarkidiornis melanotos Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Common Eider Eider à duvet Somateria mollissima Anatidae AEWA , CMS
King Eider Eider à tête grise Somateria spectabilis Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Northern Shoveler Canard souchet Spatula clypeata Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Hottentot Teal Sarcelle hottentote Spatula hottentota Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Garganey Sarcelle d'été Spatula querquedula Anatidae AEWA , CMS
South African Shelduck Tadorne à tête grise Tadorna cana Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Ruddy Shelduck Tadorne casarca Tadorna ferruginea Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Common Shelduck Tadorne de Belon Tadorna tadorna Anatidae AEWA , CMS
White-Backed Duck Dendrocygne à dos blanc Thalassornis leuconotus Anatidae AEWA , CMS
Family: Rallidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Striped Crake Râle rayé Amaurornis marginalis Rallidae AEWA , CMS
Corncrake Râle des genêts Crex crex Rallidae AEWA , CMS
African Crake Râle des prés Crex egregia Rallidae AEWA
Common Coot Foulque macroule Fulica atra Rallidae AEWA , CMS
Red-knobbed Coot Foulque à crête Fulica cristata Rallidae AEWA
Lesser Moorhen Gallinule africaine Gallinula angulata Rallidae AEWA
Common Moorhen Gallinule poule-d'eau Gallinula chloropus Rallidae AEWA
Allen’s Gallinule Talève d’Allen Porphyrio alleni Rallidae AEWA
Spotted Crake Marouette ponctuée Porzana porzana Rallidae AEWA , CMS
Western Water Rail Râle d'eau Rallus aquaticus Rallidae AEWA
African Rail Râle bleuâtre Rallus caerulescens Rallidae AEWA
White-winged Flufftail Râle à miroir Sarothrura ayresi Rallidae AEWA , CMS
Streaky-breasted Flufftail Râle de Böhm Sarothrura boehmi Rallidae AEWA , CMS
Buff-spotted Flufftail Râle ponctué Sarothrura elegans Rallidae AEWA
Black Crake Marouette à bec jaune Zapornia flavirostra Rallidae AEWA
Little Crake Marouette poussin Zapornia parva Rallidae AEWA , CMS
Baillon's Crake Marouette de Baillon Zapornia pusilla Rallidae AEWA , CMS
Family: Ciconiidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
African Openbill Bec-ouvert Africain Anastomus lamelligerus Ciconiidae AEWA
Abdim’s Stork Cigogne d'Abdim Ciconia abdimii Ciconiidae AEWA
White Stork Cigogne blanche Ciconia ciconia Ciconiidae AEWA , CMS
African Woollyneck Cigogne à pattes noires Ciconia microscelis Ciconiidae AEWA , CMS
Black Stork Cigogne noire Ciconia nigra Ciconiidae AEWA , CMS
Marabou Marabout d'Afrique Leptoptilos crumenifer Ciconiidae AEWA
Yellow-billed Stork Tantale ibis Mycteria ibis Ciconiidae AEWA , CMS
Family: Laridae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Brown Noddy Noddi brun Anous stolidus Laridae AEWA
Lesser Noddy Noddi marianne Anous tenuirostris Laridae AEWA
Whiskered Tern Guifette moustac Chlidonias hybrida Laridae AEWA
White-winged Tern Guifette leucoptère Chlidonias leucopterus Laridae AEWA , CMS
Black Tern Guifette noire Chlidonias niger Laridae AEWA , CMS
Common Gull-billed Tern Sterne hansel Gelochelidon nilotica Laridae AEWA , CMS
Little Gull Mouette pygmée Hydrocoloeus minutus Laridae AEWA
Caspian Tern Sterne caspienne Hydroprogne caspia Laridae AEWA , CMS
European Herring Gull Goéland argenté Larus argentatus Laridae AEWA
Armenian Gull Goéland d’Arménie Larus armenicus Laridae AEWA , CMS
Audouin's Gull Goéland d’Audouin Larus audouinii Laridae AEWA , CMS
Caspian Gull Goéland pontique Larus cachinnans Laridae AEWA
Mew Gull Goéland cendré Larus canus Laridae AEWA
Grey-headed Gull Mouette à tête grise Larus cirrocephalus Laridae AEWA
Kelp Gull Goéland dominicain Larus dominicanus Laridae AEWA
Lesser Black-backed Gull Goéland brun Larus fuscus Laridae AEWA
Slender-billed Gull Goéland railleur Larus genei Laridae AEWA , CMS
Iceland Gull Goéland arctique Larus glaucoides Laridae AEWA
Hartlaub’s Gull Mouette de Hartlaub Larus hartlaubii Laridae AEWA
Sooty Gull Goéland de Hemprich Larus hemprichii Laridae AEWA , CMS
Glaucous Gull Goéland bourgmestre Larus hyperboreus Laridae AEWA
Palla's Gull Goéland ichthyaète Larus ichthyaetus Laridae AEWA , CMS
White-eyed Gull Goéland à iris blanc Larus leucophthalmus Laridae AEWA , CMS
Great Black-backed Gull Goéland marin Larus marinus Laridae AEWA
Mediterranean Gull Mouette mélanocéphale Larus melanocephalus Laridae AEWA , CMS
Yellow-legged Gull Goéland leucophée Larus michahellis Laridae AEWA
Black-headed Gull Mouette rieuse Larus ridibundus Laridae AEWA
Bridled Tern Sterne bridée Onychoprion anaethetus Laridae AEWA
Sooty Tern Sterne fuligineuse Onychoprion fuscatus Laridae AEWA
Black-legged Kittiwake Mouette tridactyle Rissa tridactyla Laridae AEWA
African Skimmer Bec-en-ciseaux d'Afrique Rynchops flavirostris Laridae AEWA , CMS
Roseate Tern Sterne de Dougall Sterna dougallii Laridae AEWA , CMS
Common Tern Sterne pierregarin Sterna hirundo Laridae AEWA , CMS
Arctic Tern Sterne arctique Sterna paradisaea Laridae AEWA , CMS
White-cheeked Tern Sterne à joues blanches Sterna repressa Laridae AEWA , CMS
Antarctic Tern Sterne couronée Sterna vittata Laridae AEWA
Little Tern Sterne naine Sternula albifrons Laridae AEWA , CMS
Damara Tern Sterne des baleiniers Sternula balaenarum Laridae AEWA , CMS
Saunders's Tern Sterne de Saunders Sternula saundersi Laridae AEWA , CMS
Lesser Crested Tern Sterne voyageuse Thalasseus bengalensis Laridae AEWA , CMS
Greater Crested Tern Sterne huppée Thalasseus bergii Laridae AEWA , CMS
Royal Tern Sterne royale Thalasseus maximus Laridae AEWA , CMS
Sandwich Tern Sterne caugek Thalasseus sandvicensis Laridae AEWA , CMS
Sabine’s Gull Mouette de Sabine Xema sabini Laridae AEWA
Family: Gruidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Blue Crane Grue de paradis Anthropoides paradiseus Gruidae AEWA , CMS
Demoiselle Crane Grue demoiselle Anthropoides virgo Gruidae AEWA , CMS
Black Crowned-crane Grue couronnée Balearica pavonina Gruidae AEWA
Grey Crowned-crane Grue royale Balearica regulorum Gruidae AEWA
Wattled Crane Grue caronculée Bugeranus carunculatus Gruidae AEWA , CMS
Common Crane Grue cendrée Grus grus Gruidae AEWA , CMS
Siberian Crane Grue de Sibérie Leucogeranus leucogeranus Gruidae AEWA , CMS
Family: Ardeidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Great White Egret Grande Aigrette Ardea alba Ardeidae AEWA , CMS
Yellow-billed Egret Héron à bec jaune Ardea brachyrhyncha Ardeidae AEWA2016
Grey Heron Héron Cendré Ardea cinerea Ardeidae AEWA
Black-headed Heron Héron mélanocéphale Ardea melanocephala Ardeidae AEWA
Purple Heron Héron pourpré Ardea purpurea Ardeidae AEWA , CMS
Madagascar Pond-heron Crabier blanc Ardeola idae Ardeidae AEWA , CMS
Squacco Heron Crabier chevelu Ardeola ralloides Ardeidae AEWA
Rufous-bellied Heron Crabier à ventre roux Ardeola rufiventris Ardeidae AEWA , CMS
Eurasian Bittern Butor étoilé Botaurus stellaris Ardeidae AEWA , CMS
Cattle Egret Héron garde-bœufs Bubulcus ibis Ardeidae AEWA
Black Heron Aigrette ardoisée Egretta ardesiaca Ardeidae AEWA
Little Egret Aigrette garzette Egretta garzetta Ardeidae AEWA
Western Reef-egret Aigrette à gorge blanche Egretta gularis Ardeidae AEWA
Slaty Egret Aigrette vineuse Egretta vinaceigula Ardeidae AEWA , CMS
Common Little Bittern Blongios nain Ixobrychus minutus Ardeidae AEWA , CMS
Dwarf Bittern Blongios de Sturm Ixobrychus sturmii Ardeidae AEWA , CMS
Black-crowned Night-heron Bihoreau gris Nycticorax nycticorax Ardeidae AEWA
Family: Balaenicipitidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Shoebill Bec-en-sabot du Nil Balaeniceps rex Balaenicipitidae AEWA
Family: Burhinidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Senegal Thick-knee Oedicnème du Sénégal Burhinus senegalensis Burhinidae AEWA
Family: Stercorariidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Great Skua Grand Labbe Catharacta skua Stercorariidae AEWA
Long-tailed Jaeger Labbe à longue queue Stercorarius longicaudus Stercorariidae AEWA
Family: Charadriidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Kentish Plover Pluvier à collier interrompu Charadrius alexandrinus Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Caspian Plover Pluvier asiatique Charadrius asiaticus Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Little Ringed Plover Pluvier petit-gravelot Charadrius dubius Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Forbes's Plover Pluvier de Forbes Charadrius forbesi Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Common Ringed Plover Pluvier grand-gravelot Charadrius hiaticula Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Greater Sandplover Pluvier de Leschenault Charadrius leschenaultii Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
White-fronted Plover Pluvier à front blanc Charadrius marginatus Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Lesser Sandplover Pluvier de Mongolie Charadrius mongolus Charadriidae AEWA
Chestnut-banded Plover Pluvier élégant Charadrius pallidus Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Kittlitz's Plover Pluvier pâtre Charadrius pecuarius Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
African Three-banded Plover Pluvier à triple collier Charadrius tricollaris Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Eurasian Dotterel Pluvier guignard Eudromias morinellus Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Eurasian Golden Plover Pluvier doré Pluvialis apricaria Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Pacific Golden Plover Pluvier fauve Pluvialis fulva Charadriidae AEWA
Grey Plover Pluvier argenté Pluvialis squatarola Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
White-headed Lapwing Vanneau à tête blanche Vanellus albiceps Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Crowned Lapwing Vanneau couronné Vanellus coronatus Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Sociable Lapwing Vanneau sociable Vanellus gregarius Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
White-tailed Lapwing Vanneau à queue blanche Vanellus leucurus Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Senegal Lapwing Vanneau terne Vanellus lugubris Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Black-winged Lapwing Vanneau à ailes noires Vanellus melanopterus Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Wattled Lapwing Vanneau du Sénégal Vanellus senegallus Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Spur-winged Lapwing Vanneau à éperons Vanellus spinosus Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Brown-chested Lapwing Vanneau à poitrine châtaine Vanellus superciliosus Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Northern Lapwing Vanneau huppé Vanellus vanellus Charadriidae AEWA , CMS
Family: Dromadidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Crab-plover Drome ardéole Dromas ardeola Dromadidae AEWA , CMS
Family: Fregatidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Lesser Frigatebird Frégate ariel Fregata ariel Fregatidae AEWA
Great Frigatebird Frégate du Pacifique Fregata minor Fregatidae AEWA
Family: Gaviidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Yellow-billed Loon Plongeon à bec blanc Gavia adamsii Gaviidae AEWA , CMS
Black-throated Loon Plongeon arctique Gavia arctica Gaviidae AEWA , CMS
Common Loon Plongeon huard Gavia immer Gaviidae AEWA , CMS
Red-throated Loon Plongeon catmarin Gavia stellata Gaviidae AEWA , CMS
Family: Threskiornithidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Northern Bald Ibis Ibis chauve Geronticus eremita Threskiornithidae AEWA , CMS
African Spoonbill Spatule d'Afrique Platalea alba Threskiornithidae AEWA , CMS
Eurasian Spoonbill Spatule blanche Platalea leucorodia Threskiornithidae AEWA , CMS
Glossy Ibis Ibis falcinelle Plegadis falcinellus Threskiornithidae AEWA , CMS
African Sacred Ibis Ibis Sacré Threskiornis aethiopicus Threskiornithidae AEWA , CMS
Family: Glareolidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Grey Pratincole Glaréole grise Glareola cinerea Glareolidae AEWA
Black-winged Pratincole Glaréole à ailes noires Glareola nordmanni Glareolidae AEWA , CMS
Rock Pratincole Glaréole auréolée Glareola nuchalis Glareolidae AEWA , CMS
Madagascar Pratincole Glaréole malgache Glareola ocularis Glareolidae AEWA
Collared Pratincole Glaréole à collier Glareola pratincola Glareolidae AEWA , CMS
Family: Haematopodidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
African Oystercatcher Huîtrier de Moquin Haematopus moquini Haematopodidae AEWA
Eurasian Oystercatcher Huîtrier pie Haematopus ostralegus Haematopodidae AEWA
Family: Recurvirostridae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Black-Winged Stilt Echasse blanche Himantopus himantopus Recurvirostridae AEWA , CMS
Pied Avocet Avocette élégante Recurvirostra avosetta Recurvirostridae AEWA , CMS
Family: Phalacrocoracidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Crowned Cormorant Cormoran couronné Microcarbo coronatus Phalacrocoracidae AEWA
Pygmy Cormorant Cormoran pygmée Microcarbo pygmaeus Phalacrocoracidae AEWA , CMS
European Shag Cormoran huppé Phalacrocorax aristotelis Phalacrocoracidae AEWA
Cape Cormorant Cormoran du Cap Phalacrocorax capensis Phalacrocoracidae AEWA
Great Cormorant Grand Cormoran Phalacrocorax carbo Phalacrocoracidae AEWA
Bank Cormorant Cormoran des bancs Phalacrocorax neglectus Phalacrocoracidae AEWA
Socotra Cormorant Cormoran de Socotra Phalacrocorax nigrogularis Phalacrocoracidae AEWA , CMS
Family: Sulidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Northern Gannet Fou de Bassan Morus bassanus Sulidae AEWA
Cape Gannet Fou du Cap Morus capensis Sulidae AEWA
Masked Booby Fou masqué Sula dactylatra Sulidae AEWA
Family: Pelecanidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Dalmatian Pelican Pélican frisé Pelecanus crispus Pelecanidae AEWA , CMS
Great White Pelican Pélican blanc Pelecanus onocrotalus Pelecanidae AEWA , CMS
Pink-backed Pelican Pélican gris Pelecanus rufescens Pelecanidae AEWA
Family: Phaethontidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Red-billed Tropicbird Phaéton à bec rouge Phaethon aethereus Phaethontidae AEWA
White-tailed Tropicbird Phaéton à bec jaune Phaethon lepturus Phaethontidae AEWA
Red-tailed Tropicbird Phaéton à brins rouges Phaethon rubricauda Phaethontidae AEWA
Family: Phoenicopteridae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Lesser Flamingo Flamant nain Phoeniconaias minor Phoenicopteridae AEWA
Greater Flamingo Flamant rose Phoenicopterus roseus Phoenicopteridae AEWA
Family: Pluvianidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Egyptian Plover Pluvian fluviatile Pluvianus aegyptius Pluvianidae AEWA
Family: Podicipedidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
Horned Grebe Grèbe esclavon Podiceps auritus Podicipedidae AEWA , CMS
Great Crested Grebe Grèbe huppé Podiceps cristatus Podicipedidae AEWA
Red-necked Grebe Grèbe jougris Podiceps grisegena Podicipedidae AEWA , CMS
Black-Necked Grebe Grèbe à cou noir Podiceps nigricollis Podicipedidae AEWA
Little Grebe Grèbe castagneux Tachybaptus ruficollis Podicipedidae AEWA
Family: Spheniscidae
Common name (En) Common name (Fr) Scientific name Family CMS Instruments
African Penguin Manchot du Cap Spheniscus demersus Spheniscidae AEWA , CMS