World Migratory Bird Day 2016 - 10 May

The Secretariats of CMS and AEWA are pleased to announce that the designated date for World Migratory Bird Day 2016 will be Tuesday, 10 May. This year’s theme is the illegal killing, taking and trade of migratory birds. More details about the theme can be found here. You will be able to register your events on the WMBD website shortly.

03 February 2016

Wetlands for our Future: Sustainable Livelihoods

“World Wetlands Day” celebrated around the world on 2 February marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention of Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat. A campaign and associate events have been organized every year since 1997 to raise public awareness of the importance and value of wetlands, almost two thirds of which have been lost since 1900.

01 February 2016

50th International Waterbird Census – Let’s Make It Count

This year will see the International Waterbird Census (IWC) being held for the 50th time with the slogan “Let’s Make It Count”. First organized in January 1967, the IWC, which is coordinated by Wetlands International, has become a permanent fixture in the ornithological calendar and is now recognized as an indispensable source of information, upon which policies to protect and manage wetlands and the waterbirds that depend on them are founded.

15 January 2016

People behind AEWA - The Team of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB)

Germany hosts the AEWA Secretariat which is housed alongside other UN bodies including other members of the CMS Family in Langer Eugen (Tall Eugene) which used to accommodate the offices of German Parliamentarians but now forms part of the UN Campus in Bonn.

21 December 2015

End of the Year Message by Jacques Trouvilliez

The year 2015 was full of meetings for AEWA – the Technical Committee, then the Standing Committee and finishing off with the 6th meeting of the Parties to the Agreement. This impetus which is renewed every three years is important for the life of the Agreement because it allows us to take stock of what has been accomplished and to set the course for the future.

16 December 2015

AEWA Small Grants Fund - 2015 Call for Proposals

The Secretariat of the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) is calling for applications for the 2015 cycle of the AEWA Small Grants Fund. The AEWA Small Grants Fund aims to promote the implementation of AEWA in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

16 December 2015

Latest African-Eurasian Waterbird Census Newsletter Released

The December edition of Wetland International’s African-Eurasia Waterbird Census Electronic Newsletter has been published. The lead story concerns the 50th anniversary of the International Waterbird Census which is being celebrated next year under the slogan “International Waterbird Census – Let’s make it count”.

14 December 2015

People behind AEWA - The Team of the Technical Support Unit (TSU) to the African Initiative

The team of the Technical Support Unit (TSU) to the African Initiative of AEWA is made up of personnel from the French Hunting and Wildlife Office (ONCFS), Tour du Valat and Senegal's National Parks Directorate (DPN of Senegal).

14 December 2015

People behind AEWA - Abdoulaye Ndiaye

Abdoulaye Ndiaye is the Africa-based coordinator of the Technical Support Unit for the AEWA African Initiative and has an impressive résumé of achievements in the field of wetland and waterbird conservation especially in West, Central and East Africa. At the recent MOP, Adboulaye received the AEWA Conservation Award for his contribution to implementing the Agreement.

07 December 2015

People behind AEWA - Eckhart Kuijken

Wintering geese and waterbird conservation have been the subject of Professor Kuijken’s research as well as a passion for more than half a century. He had the privilege of first contacting IWRB (now Wetlands International) in the mid-sixties, when the first international waterfowl counts started and an Annual meeting in Belgium (Knokke) was organized in 1970

03 December 2015