Botswana Accedes to AEWA as Party No. 77

The UNEP/AEWA Secretariat is pleased to announce the accession of the Republic of Botswana as AEWA’s 77th Party. Botswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa and has borders with Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The country has an area of just over 600,000 km2 and a population of 1.6 million making it one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world; the capital is Gaborone. The country is relatively flat with seventy per cent of the territory dominated by the Kalahari Desert.

21 November 2017

Stakeholder Workshop on Management Planning for the Greylag Goose

Bonn, 24 October 2017 - A multi-faceted group of European government representatives, scientists and non-governmental organizations came together to de

25 October 2017

Planning for Action for the Next Decade of Waterbird Conservation in Africa

The foundations of the AEWA Plan of Action for Africa (PoAA) 2019-2027 were laid at a successful workshop in Dakar, Senegal which took place at the Ngor Diarama Hotel from 10 to 12 October. The Working Group for the development of the plan identified and discussed the key issues to be captured in the PoAA 2019-2017 which will define the next decade of migratory waterbird conservation in Africa. The three-day workshop was attended by some 30 participants representing the African Contracting Parties, the Standing Committee and Technical Committee, non-African Parties, AEWA partner organizations as well as the UNEP/AEWA Secretariat.

21 October 2017

Atelier de démarrage - Plan d’action de l’AEWA pour l’Afrique 2019-2027

L’atelier du groupe de travail dédié à l’élaboration du Plan d’action de l’AEWA pour l’Afrique 2019-2027 aura lieu du 10 au 12 octobre à Dakar au Sénégal. Cet atelier permettra de lancer le processus d’élaboration du Plan d’action. Le groupe de travail est composé de représentants des Parties contractantes africaines de l’AEWA, des Comités permanent et technique de l’AEWA, des observateurs venant des Parties non-africaines de l’AEWA et des organisations partenaires de l’AEWA, ainsi que du Secrétariat PNUE/AEWA.

04 October 2017

Wadden Sea Day: Celebrating one of the Better Functioning Flyway Networks in the World

August 31 is Wadden Sea Day, a celebration organized by the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat and the National Park Lower Saxon Wadden Sea and taking place at the UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitor Centre in Wilhelmshaven. This year’s event focuses on “Partnering for World Heritage” and showcases examples of successful cooperation across sectors and borders from the Wadden Sea region and beyond.

31 August 2017

Two Goose Management Meetings Took Place in Denmark

Representatives of Range State Governments, experts and key stakeholders came together in Copenhagen from 15 to16 June to the 2nd annual meeting of the AEWA European Goose Management International Working Group (AEWA EGM IWG). The meeting was kindly hosted by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, Environmental Protection Agency and chaired by Mr. Øystein Størkersen, representing Norway.

31 July 2017

New European Goose Management Platform Coordinator Joins the UNEP/AEWA Secretariat

The UNEP/AEWA Secretariat is pleased to announce the recruitment of Ms. Eva Meyers as the Coordinator of the European Goose Management Platform (EGMP). Eva is of German nationality and has a background in conservation biology. She has working experience in diverse areas of international nature and biodiversity conservation, including protection of threatened species, working in collaboration with governmental agencies and various stakeholders.

28 July 2017

World Heritage Committee Meets in Cracow: Hope for the Yellow Sea

The 41st session of the World Heritage Committee is taking place in Cracow, Poland from 2 to 12 July 2017. Like every year, the representatives from 21 States Parties to the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage will identify, based on nominations submitted by States Parties, cultural and natural properties that need to be protected and decide which of those will be added to the World Heritage List.

05 July 2017

Quatre nouveaux projets bénéficient du Fonds de petites subventions de l’AEWA

Quatre projets de Parties contractantes de l’AEWA en Afrique ont été sélectionnés afin d’être financés dans le cadre du dernier cycle du Fonds de petites subventions de l’AEWA. Les projets – émanant du Kenya, de la Mauritanie, du Nigeria et du Zimbabwe – recevront une somme totale d’environ 40 000 $US, qui sera consacrée à des activités de conservation en faveur d’espèces de l’AEWA et de leurs habitats.Les projets retenus ont été sélectionnés parmi 19 propositions soumises par 14 pays d’Afrique, à la suite d’un processus d’évaluation et d’approbation auquel ont participé les Comités technique et permanent, et le Secrétariat de l’AEWA.

06 June 2017

Record Numbers of Lesser White-fronted Geese Observed in Finland on Spring Migration

This spring a record number of Lesser White-fronted Geese (Anser erythropus) were observed at the traditional staging area on the Bothnian Bay Coast near the city of Oulu in northern Finland. Observers counted at least 121 individuals at Siikajoki, which is the highest number observed since 1963. The small Fennoscandian Lesser White-fronted Goose population is recognized as Critically Endangered within the European Union, and is currently estimated to number some 30 breeding pairs.

31 May 2017