Appeal Launched to Support Emergency Monitoring of Waterbirds

Bonn / Ede 20 January 2017 - An appeal to support emergency monitoring of waterbirds currently being hit by extremely cold weather in South-Eastern Europe, was launched by Wetlands International on behalf of the African-European Waterbird Monitoring Partnership today. Funds raised through the appeal will be used to support the work of field teams in South-Eeastern Europe to monitor the conditions of waterbirds and their cold weather refuges.

Earlier this week as a reaction to the harsh weather conditions, the AEWA Secretariat and other organizations called upon national authorities and hunting associations to try to minimize the disturbance and to apply emergency measures, such as the temporary suspension of waterbird hunting in the affected countries.

The emergency appeal launched by Wetlands International today is intended to further support the intensive monitoring work which is now needed in the most affected countries in order to accurately guide the implementation of emergency measures.

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Last updated on 20 January 2017

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